DMI Guitar Clean
Maximizing the removal of finger prints, smoke film, water spots, and other soils from hard surfaces with minimal effort. Directions: Apply Guitar Clean to surface, then buff with a microfiber cloth. Features: -100% Cruelty-free -100% Vegan -Abrasive-free -Fragrance-free -Wax-free -Polymer-free...
Rabbit Fur Edgeless Microfleece / Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Rabbit Fur is an archival-grade edgeless microfleece, whose non-marring ultra soft texture delivers professional performance. For Use On All Instruments Environmentally Friendly 100% Lint Free Edgeless Re-useable & Washable Archival Grade Cloth 16”x 16” (41cm x 41cm) Extremely Durable Safe...
DMI Maple Butter
Non-corrosive formula made specifically for cleaning non-porous fingerboards. Directions: Apply?áMaple Butter onto a microfiber cloth and wipe surface to clean. Features: ?Çó100% Cruelty-free ?Çó100% Vegan ?Çó Abrasive-free ?Çó Fragrance-free ?Çó Wax-free ?Çó Polymer-free (will not strip finish) ?Çó Contains no...
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