AxLabs Hardware is a comprehensive line of quality guitar components from standard replacements, exact vintage-spec reproductions, and new innovations with collaborations from many notable industry insiders. With over forty years in the business, AxLabs Hardware comes from a pedigree of quality components you've known all along.  And with fellow lifelong gigging musicians on staff, we know what a difference quality components make in feel, sound, and reliability.

Our brand's header company, AP International, is globally known for making Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, Pure Tone Output Jacks, and ProRockGear Cases, among many other brands.  Company founder Andrew Papiccio, one of the original owners of Kramer Guitars, has spent his life in manufacturing guitar hardware for every major company in the music industry.  We brought in some fellow guitar industry heavies to help us design new innovations, update inherent weaknesses in old designs, and painstakingly recreate classic hardware. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new products!

Whether you're a dealer looking to carry the line or a player with a question about our offerings, please visit the Contact page and we will be glad to assist.


Eddie Van Halen, AxLabs / AP Music Supply president Andy Papiccio (then an owner of Kramer), and Dennis Berardi

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