• AxLabs Custom Potentiometers

    AxLabs Custom Potentiometers
    Unlike any other potentiometers on the market, AxLabs pots were specifically designed for electric guitars, utilizing years of painstaking attention to detail in the industry. AxLabs potentiometers feature machined brass shaft sleeves and are lubricated with 3 different types of grease used in specific areas of the moving parts for ultra-smooth rotation. Shafts are then reinforced with a retainer ring positio­ned for strength and...
  • Welcome to AxLabs!

    Welcome to AxLabs!
    AP International Music Supply is proud to announce the launch of AxLabs Hardware, a comprehensive new brand of guitar parts and accessories. AxLabs Hardware is an extensive line of quality guitar components ranging from standard replacements, exact vintage-spec reproductions, and new innovations with collaborations from many notable industry insiders. Highlights include superior AxLabs custom potentiometers, Habanero by Grover Jackson prewired pickguards, String Surfer brass...
  • New Tremolo Buddy Maintenance Tool!

    New Tremolo Buddy Maintenance Tool!
      Introducing the Tremolo Buddy! Lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use tool designed to simplify normal maintenance tasks on a Floyd Rose® or any floating tremolo system! This unique design offers a simple solution to tackling the major problematic maintenance areas of a tremolo-equipped guitar by helping to keep tension on the bridge. Using two simple clamps, the Tremolo Buddy allows you to keep the strings on the instrument without having to loosen tension...
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