New Tremolo Buddy Maintenance Tool!


Introducing the Tremolo Buddy! Lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use tool designed to simplify normal maintenance tasks on a Floyd Rose® or any floating tremolo system! This unique design offers a simple solution to tackling the major problematic maintenance areas of a tremolo-equipped guitar by helping to keep tension on the bridge.

Using two simple clamps, the Tremolo Buddy allows you to keep the strings on the instrument without having to loosen tension or place blocks under the bridge. This design also works as a stand to flip the guitar on to conveniently work on spring tension adjustments in an upright position. The tool is quickly unclamped by using easy-off triggers so you can get back to tuning or playing in a matter of mere seconds.

In addition to its intended usage for tremolo systems, technicians and musicians have found that the “third hand” is also handy for working on non-tremolo equipped instruments!

A durable glass-reinforced nylon body provides lightweight strength, while the rubber TPE foot pads protect the guitar’s body and is safe on all finishes.

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